Love wins at the Supreme Court...and in America! This is my final post for this blog.

What a victory we received on June 26th, 2015, when the Supreme Court ruled that laws against same-sex marriage were un-Constitutional.  And what a moment of great joy for me, my family, my community and my country!  We have worked so hard to achieve this moment.  I still feel that a great sense of satisfaction and contentment. 

No longer do I feel like I am a second-class citizen, at least in many of the blue states of America, I have most of the same rights as heterosexuals.  A big THANK YOU to Barack Obama, who has done so much to make the lives of LGBT Americans more equal and better.  (Read the long list of the President Obama's accomplishments to better the lives of the LGBT.) I am glad that I supported him since he decided to run for president.  

But we have much more work to do to ensure LGBT equality in housing, the workplace, and other areas throughout the country.  We are dismantling the remaining pillars of institutionalized homophobia at every turn. In particular, I am working on making religious institutions and the world of sports more welcoming for the LGBT.  On a broader level, I believe that 'none of us are free until all of us are free' so I will continue to advocate for laws and policies that provide more equality for women, racial and ethnic minorities, the poor, etc. 

I feel that it is time to sunset this blog and invest my time and energies in emerging projects.  You can follow me on my two twitter accounts if you want to keep up with what I am thinking and advocating for:

- JoeandBullish
- EqualandProud

Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing this journey over the last five years with me.  I send you my love, and remain very joe and bullish. 

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