These star Spanish players kiss after a recent victory causing a controversy. Same-sex male kissing seems to be society's edge

These Spanish soccer players sent tongues wagging when they kissed after a goal in a championship game.  I doubt that two gay soccer players would kiss on the field as a way of coming out; these boys are probably straight and don't adhere to the conventional belief that men should not be affectionate with other another.

Same sex kissing seems to be the new frontier for LGBT acceptance. While most Americans are ready to accept openly gay athletes, the majority felt that it was inappropriate for the networks to show Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on Saturday.  Obviously, we have a ways to go before we are full members of society.

Majorities of Democrats (80 percent) and independents (56 percent), as well as a plurality of Republicans (42 percent), said they're ready to cheer on their teams with openly gay players. 
But although most Americans approve of gay players in theory, many are less comfortable with the reality. Male athletes kissing their wives or girlfriends is routine territory for networks covering victory and other sporting celebrations, but coverage of Sam's kissing his boyfriend after he was drafted has generated controversy. Forty-seven percent in the new poll said it was "inappropriate" for networks to show the kiss, while only 36 percent said it was "appropriate." Seventeen percent said they weren't sure.

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