Steve Locke argues that gay men should stop having sex "with Republican homophobes, no matter how hot they are."

From the Good Men Project, read part of Steve's rant:

Paul Babeu, George Rekers, Troy King, Richard Curtis and the beat goes on. These men aren’t worthy of being called gay. They’re cowards. I’m tired of hearing about people who “can’t come out.” No one ever said it was easy being gay. There are lots of people like myself who could never pass for being straight and moreover, we never wanted to. We got the shit beaten out of us. We fought back. We marched. We got in people’s faces. We fought for our jobs and our rights. We advocated when we started to die from a plague and with the help of the many lesbians who went into the healing professions, a lot of us survived to today. So don’t tell me about how hard it is to come out. And don’t call these men gay. They aren’t gay. They are liars and cowards. They haven’t earned the right to be called gay.

The thing that makes sick bastards like this come–the thing that really gets them off–is the knowledge that they are doing something dirty. It’s so much hotter for them if it’s a secret. So that’s what sex with men is to them, a dirty little secret. That’s not what gay people are and that’s not what we deserve from someone who says that they love you, but they won’t be seen in public with you. Or worse yet, someone that will sleep with you on Sunday night and then advocate for the removal of your rights and humanity on Monday morning.

...So it’s past time to stop fucking these guys. And don’t believe the crap they tell you. They hate you almost as much as they hate themselves, and they’ll discard you like a used condom when they are done with you.

Read the whole article here.

While I don't share the intensity of Steve's anger, I understand why he feels the way he does: men who enjoy the hard-fought freedoms of being gay but vote against their own interests, freedoms, and community by supporting homophobic Republicans, like George W. or Chris Christie, at the ballot box. What self-hatred! This is why I never knowingly dated or had sex with a gay Republican -- most of them don't share my core value of equality for all people -- marriage equality for gays, abortion/contraception choice and equal pay for women, affirmative action for oppressed minorities, and basic human rights for undocumented workers and others. (Having said that, there are exceptions: for example, I do respect openly gay candidate Fred Karger for running in the GOP presidential primaries and conservative Andrew Sullivan, two men who walk their talk.) I don't think I have missed much.

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